Gallery of Art, Antiques and Collectible Porcelaine

Galeria de Arte, Antiguedades y Porcelana de Colección

Porcelaine - Porcelana These pages include or show the different types of European hand painted collectible porcelaine available in the...

Porcelaine - Porcelana

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Paintings - Pinturas Here you can appreciate and see the various works of art from artists originating from the Dominican Republic and...

Paintings - Pinturas

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Prints - Impresos Here we have in the following pages several etchings, lithographs and other prints created by different artists from the...

Prints - Impresos

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Collectibles - De Colección Here we have listed items like antique books, old catalogues, postcards, vintage posters, ancient maps, as well as...

Collectibles - De Colección

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Furniture - Muebles In these pages you will find listed several antique furniture with a short description that are available in the...

Furniture - Muebles

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Store - Tienda In this last section you can see and appreciate several pictures of the original physical store where all these...

Store - Tienda

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